Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Moon Premiere

Well I said I wouldn't blog about Twilight again until New Moon came out in theaters and that's happened so here we go....

First there was the midnight showing of New Moon that some of my pals went to go see. Understand that I am such a lover of all things Twilight that I made myself wait until the following Monday to see it in hopes that the screaming girls would have had their fill by then and so that when I went to see it- no one would be screaming and drowning out the sound of my Edward's voice. However, I didn't want to miss out on the fun so I went in line and waited with them just to hang out and talk about Twilight. Yes- that is exactly how nerdy I am.

Here are the girls who went opening night. We are standing in front of the "Clock Tower in Volterra" (it was set up in the Theater's lobby) but whoever took the picture didn't realize that we wanted it in the picture (which is why we stood in front of it) so you don't get to see it. Oh well.

Then Monday finally came and I threw a Bella-Themed-Birthday-Party before we went to the movie. Here is the invitation that I made:

In the book Alice has a pink cake for Bella so that is what I made. It was strawberry flavored and delicious.
These are the girls who went Monday night with me. Notice that we're all holding "The Forbidden Fruit" like on the cover of Twilight?
Here we are at the Theater in front of Jacob Black's house. There was even a mailbox with the name "Black" painted on it. Kudos to the theater staff for being so creative!
I thought the movie was really great and much better than Twilight. I think having a new director really improved things and I also thought the acting was better- perhaps the cast took some acting lessons between movies. And I must admit that while I will always love Edward- Jacob Black sure caught my eye in this one. Can you blame me?!?

And that is the end.