Friday, January 29, 2010

The Kien Update

So the in-laws are always asking to see pictures of Kien and its about time I satiated their thirsts. Here are some pictures of my little guy from over the past couple of months:

Christmas Morning- I love the expression on his face, like "CHRISTMAS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!"
One day the little man woke up from his nap and came out to the kitchen to find me looking like this. I pretty much freaked out but was relieved to find that it was just a messy bloody nose.
Kien always looks so handsome on Sundays for church. He gets a lot of compliments on how he dresses (which is really a compliment to me since I dress him ;)
These are my boys. Oh how I love them.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nomesick, There's No Place Like Nome, Nomegrown, etc.

Today I am feeling a little homesick for Nome. I grew up in such a unique place and there are just some things that I miss about it like the fishing, Alaskan king crabs, berry picking, the ocean, the aurora borealis, and the people... namely my family. So I've been spending the morning watching videos from Nome and wanted to share them.

This one is an advertisement to increase tourism. I know most the people in this video.

This one follows journalist Steve Lopez on his trip to Nome. (Steve Lopez is the guy who's story got made into the movie "The Soloist". We watched it on Christmas eve at Bret's parents house and we all gave Jan a hard time for picking such a cheerful movie for us to watch.) I know EVERY PERSON that he interviews. I grew up with their kids. :D

And here's a video from 2008 when Bret, Kien, and I visited with my sister's family. Sean (my brother-in-law) shot the video of my nephew Jeremy catching a fish.

Kim (my sister) posted a bunch of video's on YouTube from Nome if you feel like watching more: