Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UFC/ Play Date

Well the boys watched a big UFC event on Monday night so Amy and I took the kids to the park. Thanks Amy for all the wonderful photos!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Few More Pics from the Hicken Visit

Here are a few more pictures of Bret's family visiting us.

Kien is slam dunking it!
He's got alfredo sauce on his lips.
Jan and her little boy.
Kien loves his uncle Max. He just can't leave him alone!
Kien had so much fun with Dad, Uncle Max, and Uncle Craig helping him go down the slide. This park is right by our house.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunset Ridge

This week we moved into Sunset Ridge and left our trailer behind. Here are the pictures of our new place:
The Backyard.
The dining room. Pretty plain right now.
Our living room. We got that entertainment center for FREE from Sam and Jill (Bret's boss' at Sunshine Nutrition). So sweet- it really makes the place look nice.

Jan (My mother-in-law) and Grandma Payne did all the decorating. They were so great and bought stuff from The Catholic Thrift Store and D.I. to decorate. I am amazed at Jan's talent to find random things and know how to make it all work. She is amazing. Thanks Jan!

The Master Bedroom. My mom bought us this bed spread set in Hawaii when we were there for graduation. Thanks Mom! Erin (Bret's sister) bought us those bedside lamps for our wedding. We've never had room before for bedside tables to hold lamps. :D Haha... Thanks Erin!
The Master Bathroom. The cool thing on the wall is from Tonia (Thanks!) Then the small beach box on the wall was from Jamie in Hawaii. Thanks Jamie!
We have been so blessed to be able to move into this place and to also have so much help. Bret's parents and his two brothers, Max and Craig, came down to help us move all of our stuff. They worked so hard until everything was done and had us moved so quickly. They also spent time with Kien which he LOVED. I think he really enjoyed his uncles and wishes they could stick around to play with him all the time. Uncle Dave and his son Alan also helped us move a few things. I am just so amazed that everyone was so willing to help us out. I just feel very lucky and blessed.

Just so you know- we never got our digital camera back so I'm afraid my blog posts will be few and far between until we get a new camera or people give me pictures to blog (Thanks again Jan!)

Happy 4th of July....