Friday, August 29, 2008

Scandalous Portraits

So I took Kien to the Portrait Studio in Walmart today for their $7.99 special. This includes a million copies of one untouched photo. Anyways, there ended up being three really cute pictures of Kien and I wanted to buy an extra couple. HOWEVER, I was shocked to learn that in order to do that I had to purchase one of their packages that ranged from $150 down to their cheapest package $79.99. Wow, so there's a $7.99 package and then a jump to $79.99. No in between? How scandalous is that? The work was already done, all that was left to be done was to click print. Obviously we were too poor to blow that kind of money away so I let the photographer know we would just stick with the cheap special. She ended up getting me to join this membership thing for $10 because I could get an 8x10 portrait with it so I just picked one of the other pictures of Kien. Anyways, that's my rant for today. I'll post the pictures when we get them.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hello! We are the Hicken Family. Bret is the man of the house and is enrolled at SUU right now while holding down 2 jobs. He is a very hard worker! He is majoring in accounting and is currently taking the hardest class in his major. Wish him luck! To ease the stress he plays basketball on Tuesday nights at the church which is the highlight of his week. Lynn is mostly a stay-at-home mom but occasionally works at Country Homes of Southern Utah when her boss needs her to fill in. She loves to cook and watch food network to get new ideas (like the bacon wrapped scallops in the picture). She also loves scrap booking and cake decorating. Then there is Kien! He just turned 1 this month and we can't believe it! He is standing on his own and is almost ready to start walking. He loves to eat everything! We are so glad because he was a premie that was almost 2 months early but has completely caught up in weight and height. He is in the 50th percentile of kids his age so he is just perfect! He loves our dog Willow and loves to throw balls for her to chase after. He says "Mom-Mom" and "Dadada". He loves to go grocery shopping with Mom while sitting in the cart and loves going for walks in the park while sitting in the stroller. He is a happy boy and he makes us very happy. Here are some pictures from his birthday party:We will try to keep our blog updated and let you know what is going on in our boring lives!