Friday, October 2, 2009

Media Musings

So since my love affair with Twilight I decided that I needed to get back in the saddle in search for a new love. I missed being completely sucked in by a story and it's characters. I saw a trailer for an upcoming movie called "The Time Traveler's Wife" and I remembered seeing the title on a list of books that you should read during your lifetime. So I figured I'd read the book and then watch the movie as a special treat. I actually really liked the book, the style it was written in, and the characters. It was such an interesting love story with it's own unique dilemma's. However, it was like a PG-13 movie that pushed the very limits of its rating- tossing in just enough swear words and that one vulgar scene. So I cannot in good faith, recommend the book to any of my LDS friends. :S However, the movie version was fairly clean and they did without the yucky scene. Of course the movie left out a lot of other things as well but hey- that's what movies do.So I took a little trip down to Barnes and Nobles in St. George and walked through the teen section. I figured if I read a teen book it has to be clean because otherwise parents would be mad. That combined with my weird fascination with Fairies led me to pick up this book: Wicked Lovely. It's about a girl named Aislinn who can see fairies all around us that the rest of us are blind to. I liked all the parts with the fairies but one of the male romantic leads was a human named Seth. Seth was described as having "bars in his face" that made him so hot. He also had pierced nipples. LOL.... I just don't find piercings attractive at all so it was hard for me to like him or see Aislinn's attraction to him. (Not sure if I'll ever find another imaginary character that I will love as much as Edward Cullen.) :P So anyways, this book was part of a series and I stopped at the bookstore and seriously considered buying the second book just to finish the series but when I read the back and saw that it was all about a girl named Leslie who was obsessed with getting this one tattoo I knew it wasn't for me. If the piercings bothered me I'm sure the tattoo's would as well. Sorry Wicked Lovely, thumbs down from me. (It's probably aimed towards the emo's out there.)
Then just two days ago I took Kien to the park next to our house where a bunch of other moms were playing with their kids. I had brought "The Host" with me. I figured if Stephenie Meyer won my heart with Twilight, maybe she could do it again with this book.
I had just started it and was on the first chapter when one of the other moms started talking to me about books and her book club. I was ecstatic! She just lives a couple houses down from me and they are meeting on the 14th for the first time. The book for the month is "Life As We Knew It". She told me where to pick it up to get their book club discount so I did and I'm about 1/2 way through it right now. I LOVE IT! It had me in tears by chapter two! It's about what would happen when an asteroid hits the moon, slightly pushing it closer to the earth. Suddenly the tides are effected and giant tsunamis wipe out all the coastlines. That's why I started crying- because Hawaii was wiped out and the coast of Alaska (where Nome is) was utterly destroyed. If it were a real event, my family and friends would be gone. Anyways, the story follows a families struggle to survive during these hard times. Gas prices sky rocket and food is no longer delivered across the country. It has seriously freaked me out about not having enough food storage. When Bret gets home with the car today I am going to buy more food storage ASAP. Anyways, I totally recommend this book. If anything, it will make you want to make sure you have sufficient food storage! (I will start reading The Host again after I finish this one.)
So anyways, that's what I've been reading lately. Now I will plug my new favorite show- Glee. I love it. Probably because it has all these musical numbers and I've always wished life was a musical. Also because in high school I was a drama club geek just like these kids. Something about performing just makes you feel special. I'm a "Gleek".

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