Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I am now 26 weeks along and had another ultrasound this week. The baby is looking good and is right on target for growth- she's estimated to be 1 lb, 14 oz. It was confirmed that she IS a girl. Her sitting position was much more cooperative this time for trying to figure that out.

Names we're debating between:
Esmae Linh
Rowan Kieu
Which do you like better?

So as some of you may recall- during my pregnancy with Kien I had preeclampsia (pregnancy induced hypertension) kick in when I was 30 weeks pregnant and I ended up having to deliver Kien at 33 weeks after 3 weeks of strict bed rest in the St. George hospital.

My doctor has been keeping a close eye on me and checks my blood pressure every week to make sure it doesn't sky rocket again like it did last time. I get a nurse named Bree who I really like! She bought one of Willow and Sam's shi-tzu babies from us a long time ago (we called him brown bear and she named him Koda- coincidence? I think not). Anyways- she is usually the one to check my blood pressure and when she does it's always good. However, whenever she is not there and someone else checks it, it always ends up being a lot higher. Weird right? She started to worry that she's not doing it right but she double checks me and says she can hear it and she knows it's right. I don't know- maybe I'm just more comfortable with her???? Anyways- my OB doctor wants me to go see a specialist down in St.George who specializes in High Risk Pregnancies, just to make sure that everything that can be done is being done to make this pregnancy go smoothly. I have an appointment on Monday so we'll see how that goes.

I have really great in-laws who are constantly praying for us and putting our names in the temple so I appreciate that and I know it has made a difference. One of the other signs that preeclampsia was coming when I was pregnant with Kien was that I had MAJOR swelling and the protein in my urine was really high. This time around the swelling has been pretty minimal (compared to my giant bee-stung-looking-face last time) and the protein in the urine has just been "trace" which means trace amounts which is low which is GOOD.

I can laugh at my bloated face now but there was a very long time that this picture was kept in a vault and for good reason!
Anyways- that's the update.


Erin said...

Rowan! Rowan! Rowan!

glad you haven't been stung by any bees this time around.

loveland9 said...

So glad to hear things are going ok this time. I've been thinking about you. I can add your name to my temple too!

As for the name Esthme from your movie? lol

Either one, they'd both be cute and different.

aunt jan said...

I haven't been on the blog for a long time. Loved reading the update. Love that little girl already because we love the mother! So thankful you're doing well. Keep up the good work! Love and hugs!!!

Jill said...

I think Esmea sounds very pretty. I am so glad to hear your doing so much better this time around! Hooray for little girls!! I am sure she will be adorable! We miss you guys!!