Friday, February 25, 2011

The School Bus

Whenever Kien hears a giant rumbling out on the street he runs to the window to check it out. It is usually either the school bus or the garbage truck. When he sees that school bus with all the kids getting on it or getting off it he is filled with longing to be able to be able to ride the school bus. He often tells me "I want to ride the school bus" and I say "Sorry Kien, you can't go to school until you go potty in the toilet." And even though he wants to go to school very badly- he still isn't willing to go potty in the toilet. But that is beside the point.

The other day after Kien had been playing in his room he came out with his backpack on and his face was scrunched up in a look of determination. He said to me in a very stern voice "Momma! I go to school! Where's the bus?!"

Too cute.


kristin said...

I can totally hear that conversation in my head between you guys! He is such a cutie!

LeAnne said...

That's funny!