Friday, September 26, 2008

I Love (Fill in the Blank) Party

So Bret has two cousin's, Brian and Brent, who are about the same age as him. They grew up together and are Best Friends Forever. Here is Bret and Brent when they were kids.Here is Brian, Chris (not a cousin), Bret, and Brent in High School.
Anyways, every once in a while we all get together, along with Brian's wife Amy and daughter Hannah (about the same age as Kien) and hangout or eat. A couple weeks ago Brian came up with the idea of an "I Love Asians" Party where we'd all bring Asian food and eat it. I made Vietnamese spring rolls. It's rice noodles, shrimp, pork, and lots of fresh veggies wrapped in rice paper and then dipped in peanut sauce or fish sauce. I love the peanut sauce but Bret loves the fish sauce so I usually have both on hand.
Brian and Amy brought Sushi and also a Japanese noodle dish. It was tasty!
Brent brought Garlic Bread and Tortilla Chips with a nacho cheese dip. Something tells me he's never been to Asia. About a week later Bret brought home a bunch of frozen Garden Burgers that he got free from work. He's always bringing home expired goods from the Nutrition Store. That gave me the idea of throwing an "I Love Vegetarians" Party, especially since Brian and Amy are 90% Vegetarian.
So we had free Garden Burgers, free corn on the cob from the ward garden, free zucchini patties made from zucchini given to me by Chalise Mitchell, and bread crumbs I made from the left over croutons from the Stake Relief Society Social that I took home. The lettuce for our burgers was also free from Sunshine Nutrition. I love free stuff. So anyways, I was trying to think of other clever little parties we could throw along the same lines. There's the obvious "I Love Mexicans" and "I Love Italians" but I want to be more clever than that. For example "I love Mermaids" and it would be seafood.
So post a comment with your idea for the next party: "I Love (Insert type of person here)" Party.


brian said...

How about an "I Love Africans" party? We would just fast.

Rob N Amy said...

How about I love fast food! I'm not very creative. But your parties sound fun.

HammonCheese said...

I love theme dinners "I love the 50's" and you could do a burger joint and milkshakes and dress in poodle skirts...well maybe not the guys. We have also done a midevil feast and we had a smoked chicken and a bunch of other stuff that we could only use our hands for. If you want to see pictures, go to my blog and look in the April 2008 under the 100 things post. Have fun.

Sarah said...

I love iCE CreAm party!!!

The Payne Family said...

We could do "I love fall", "I love Witches" (or another halloween character other than vampire ;). Those are my ideas for now.