Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sarah Through the Ages

I just got an email from the Stake RS Prez, Bev Anderson, with this picture. Seeing it made me decide to toss it in the blog. My calling in the ward is Stake Relief Society Representative. It sounds important but basically twice a year I help plan a big event/dinner/party with the Stake RS. This last one was themed "Sarah Through the Ages". I represented Abraham's Sarah or Sarai in the Old Testament. There was also Lehi's Sariah, a Pioneer Sarah, and a Modern day Sarah. An overhead recording was played with the narrative of each of these women and the struggles they faced. Following their husbands through the desert, wilderness, across the plains, and in college! It was neat to see that they all faced similar struggles and that the Lord was there to help them all! I had fun with it.
I was also in charge of the decorations. I decided to make the dinner tables a location (theme) where each of these Sarah's had traveled. It was fun, I made little signs that gave a little bit of insight to their lives. I think my favorite was the Egypt table where I made a pyramid and painted it gold and told the story of how Pharoah wanted to marry Sarai because she was so beautiful but she stayed true to Abram even though he was pretty poor at the time. Anyways, it was a lot of fun for me. I really enjoy serving in callings. I wish we did more than get together twice a year. Oh well!


Rob N Amy said...

Wow! I wish I could have gone. Bob had to work and had the car. And I don't think I could have handled 2 kids there. :(

Rob N Amy said...

I tagged you. Go check out my blog.