Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Survey Says...

I got tagged!!!!!

What is your husbands name? Bret Thomas HickenHow long have you been married? 3 years
How long did you date? 2 years
How old is he? 26
Who eats more sweet? Bret does. I usually only eat sweets once a month when Aunt Flo comes to visit. Then I will consume anything with trace amounts of chocolate.
Who said I love you first? Oh darn, I did. But he said it right back. I knew he was feeling me.
Who is taller? Bret is exactly 1 foot taller than me.
Who is the better singer? I think I am but who knows.
Who is smarter? Bret is very intelligent. But I beat him at scrabble a lot.
Who does the laundry? We both do it.
Who pays the bills? Bret handles all of that. I do all the grocery shopping though.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me! Because it's the closest to the door and when Kien used to wake up in the night I had to go take care of him.
Who mows the lawn? Bret does. I don't think I've ever touched our lawn mower.
Who cooks the dinner? I do for the most part. Although Bret had spaghetti ready for me when I came home from work yesterday so that was very nice of him.
Who drives? When we are together Bret drives. He doesn't trust women drivers.
Who is the first to say they are wrong? We never admit that we're wrong.
Who kissed who first? Bret kissed me. It was in a parking lot in Vegas. He pulled over because he was so tired and thought he read a sign that said "Free Naps" when it was actually "Free Maps". He really thought the place had rooms where you could take a free nap.Who asked who out? We were just really good friends. I don't think there was an official asking out. We met up in Vegas with two other people from our mission (as seen in the photo above) and we ate at a breakfast buffet at Caesars Palace. Bret paid for me so I guess that could be considered our first date. The other couple got married too.
Who wears the pants? I don't know. We're pretty equal.
Tag??? I tag Mary Sorenson, Chalise Mitchell, Amy Payne, Sarah Pittard, Maria Holee, and Sarah Carter.


HammonCheese said...

Hey Lynn, I actually did this tag back in February if you want to read it on our blog. By the way, we opened the banana cranberri jam 2 days ago and it is almost gone. It is so dang good I can't stay away from it. Thanks a ton

Sheri said...

The other couple got married too? Cool! I really liked reading this survey, it was a fun glimpse into your life. :) Thanks.

Scott, Brooke, & Mason said...

Thanks for your comment! You're sweet. I would love to do pics for you next time I'm in Cedar! I miss it there so much!

Nilsson Family said...

Hey Lynn its Angie Nilsson. I hope you remember me. Eric and I moved to St. George like 4 months ago. Anyway I just got a blog and came across yours. It's cute! I'm glad your doing well. This will be fun to keep in touch.

Sam said...

So... did anyone else think that Brett's first kiss was well played? All I know is that my wife would have never let me pull over to take a free nap in a bed while we were dating. :) Nice one Brett!!!

Rob N Amy said...

Bret is so nice. Why is it that guys are so prejudice about women drivers when we get the auto insurance discount way before they do? :)

Bret said...


Hey hey hey... you should ask Lynn to tell you the story of how she crashed a friends car into a pole in a parking garage. :) My record is clean...


Lynn said...

I didn't crash into it, I just bumped it. Didn't even leave a scratch.

Number Four said...

You had quite a few more pictures on yours, but hey, I tried! haha! Thanks for sharing. It is always neat to learn more about you. Oh, and I read one of your comments. I think Cranberry-Banana jam is a Nome thing! HA!