Friday, February 27, 2009


I never have anything really good to blog about. Just a few random things here and there. So here we go.

1. At church one Sunday a girl sat by me in Sacrament and was really helpful and played with Kien. I obviously have to sit alone since Bret is up on the stand so I really appreciate when people help me out. She sat by me again in Relief Society. Kien was cranky and ready for a nap so she took him out and rocked him to sleep. It was so cute. The lesson was on the Temple and temple marriage and at the end of the class I made the comment that marrying Bret in the Temple was the best thing I had ever done in my life. After the closing prayer she came up to me to give me Kien. She asked "So you got married in the temple?" I said "Yes." She looked puzzled and thought for a moment. "But you're in a singles ward." I smiled and said "My husband is in the Bishopric." I had to laugh, either she thought that I was single mother who had made a mistake and was trying to get back on the straight and narrow or she thought I was a widow. I wonder how many other people in the ward think this?

2. I took Kien to the pediatrician's yesterday for his 18 month check up. They are concerned that Kien is not talking yet. We went through a list that checks for early signs of autism. Don't worry, I KNOW he is not autistic. He is very smart. When he sees me picking up laundry, he helps and grabs clothes to throw into the bin. He likes to watch me wash dishes and will pull up a chair to the counter to stand on. He had previously pulled out a drawer and tossed a few spatulas onto the floor in front of where his chair goes. He problem solved and picked up the spatulas, put them in the drawer, and closed it. Then pushed his chair over to the appropriate spot. He touches his nose, eyes, ears, mouth when instructed. He gives kisses when asked. He points to the cabinet that has his snacks when he's hungry. He can communicate just fine, he just doesn't want to talk yet. He loves to play with other kids and is great at sharing. He'll feed me his cheerios when I let him. Apparently Bret's brother Dan didn't speak until he was 3! I hope that doesn't run in the family. Here's a picture of the cutie pie trying to look out the window:
3. Bret's bike got stolen. He wants to kill whoever did it.


Sheri said...

Number 3 made me laugh. Totally unexpected. Sorry about the bike getting stolen, that sucks. But the way you said it was really funny.

Cute Kien! I don't think not talking at 18 months is anything to worry about. LOTS of kids don't talk until later. Besides, who needs words when you can get everything you want by pointing?! :)

Tonia said...

What was so random about that? Everything just flowed beautifully!

As for the bike, good thing I live down here and you don't know where my house is.

Lorilee said...

I am so glad that I know that I didn't steal Brett's bike. I am just hoping he knows that!

I have had kids talk at 12 months and some at 24. I really don't think that it is a big deal. Patience. It will come.

I am glad that you got help in church. I sit on the stand all meeting long due to playing the organ. I watch John deal with all five kids and it makes me smile. I do understand where you are coming from however.

Mary said...

That sounds like something that would happen in a singles ward. Ha ha. Oh the wonders of youth.

Melody said...

Sorry that Bret's bike got stolen. I think being stolen from is one of the worst feelings! And you two are such good people it makes me sad that this happened to him. I love your ward experience. LOL! A few weeks ago a divorced young lady at church told me that she thought Justin was hot, and then she asked me if I was mad she said that. Ha Ha. I love Church!!