Monday, August 31, 2009

So Much To Blog, So Little Time: Part C

During my sister's visit, we went to the Bountiful Temple (Where Bret and I got married) and we did baptisms in proxy for our very own deceased family members. It's the first time I've ever done temple work for my own relatives.

This was my nephew Jeremy's first time to the temple as well.
When I was sitting inside waiting, my sister handed me some cards with names. It really hit me when I recognized those names and knew stories about these people or had even met a few of them. I just felt the spirit confirm how very true this work is and that there really are people on the other side waiting for this.

Among the people was my Grandfather on my Dad's side (He's the grown man):
My Uncle Sumner (The one Driving):
My grandmother on my Dad's side, Mary Viola Munn:
And my Grandpa on my Mom's side. (I was 12 or 13 in this picture):
It was just a really neat experience. I look forward to more.


loveland9 said...

Lynn, that sounds so neat. I've never had that experience before. That will be a neat memory I'm sure.

Kim Loudon said...

SO awesome! I am just starting to learn how to do this stuff. I can't wait to take the names to the temple! SO AWESOME! Congrats!

Misbah Habibie said...

I'm sorry bro.... I'm just walking throught your blog....
Instead of doing nothing, its better if I add ny link throught this comment,.... is it okay bro????