Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Do you ever have times in your life where you just feel like everything is balanced and good? I feel that way right now. I haven't felt this way in years.

I have been running 3-4 times a week. This may not be much to others but to me this has been a change in my life. I have spent the last few years being very sedentary. It feels good to be up and moving, which of course is a big part of my weight loss success.

I have not been the best scripture studier over the years. Right now while serving in Young Womens I am attempting to do the personal progress program with the girls, especially since I
never finished it when I was a young woman. Part of the program is reading the Book of Mormon in its entirety. I am trying to get it done before I move into another ward in November when we can move into our new house. This means I am covering several chapters a day, every day. Reading it this way has helped me to not only notice the spiritually uplifting verses here and there but to also remember the story line and the people in the scriptures, their family situations and their struggles against opposition and who is trying to kill them at the moment. It has reignited my love of the Book of Mormon and reconnected me to the wonderful people in the past who stood for truth and righteousness.

When I was in school, I really enjoyed it. I love to learn. But there is no more school for me, which I'm kind of glad about too. However, I have found joy in teaching! Over the past year we have been doing a great preschool program for Kien. Miss Rebecca wanted to start up a free one where she invited kids from the neighborhood to participate. She taught the class and the parents took turns hosting and providing the snacks. I really got into it and helped out and had fun with it. I even took a couple turns teaching. We covered the entire alphabet and our numbers 1-10. Then Miss Rebecca had a baby and needed a break from teaching. So I stepped up and offered to do a section on ZOOLOGY! Is that a little too much for 3 and 4 year olds??? We had a class on Fish and then yesterday we had a class on Amphibians. It has been so much fun and I am enjoying finding creative outlets that I can share with Kien and his buddies.

I have also had so much fun teaching things to the Young Women on Mutual night. Here are some things I've taught them:
  • Cooking Vietnamese Egg Rolls
  • Cake Decorating
  • Hula Dancing
  • Self Defense
  • Next Week: Knitting baby hats for NICU
I am going to brag a little bit right here... After realizing all the skills and talents I could pass onto the Young Women, I've been able to recognize how awesome I am. Haha.... It has just made me recognize that I have valuable and unique talents. Which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I have a good life. I have a good family. I am so thankful for my husband, Bret, and my wonderful children, Kien and Ellie. They are the people who most often put smiles on my face. I don't know why but lately Bret has made more of an effort to compliment my cooking. I appreciate that. He has also given me support and encouragement with me trying to lose weight. He is always willing to watch the kids while I go do what I need to do (except on Saturday mornings, that is his basketball time and NOTHING can interfere with it).

Kien is getting funnier and funnier with his questions and naive logic. The other day he was looking at Ellie and asked me "Mom, where'd we get this baby from?"
I said "Well she grew in my belly but Heavenly Father gave her to us."
He thought about that for a moment then asked, "Heavenly Father was at the hospital?"

So. Cute.

Ellie... *sigh*. She is the sweetest and most precious little lady. She is happiest after waking up from a long sleep. And she sleeps A LOT. All night long, usually about 10-11 hours and then two 2-hour long naps during the day. I love it. She loves to play with Kien in her room with all their toys. She loves to follow him around but if he gets rough she won't take his gruff and she will fight back! She loves baths. She loves her pink fuzzy blanket that Grandma Thulan gave to her. I think it has become her security blanket. She is full of smiles and laughs and cute little noises.

Speaking of which, I hear her calling me from her crib so I am off.

I just wanted to record this, that everything is good and balanced in my life right now. And I love it.


Amy said...

You are amazing Lynn. Glad life is good and you are enjoying it.

kristin said...

amazing! i am trying to find some of that balance right now. you are such an example!

loveland9 said...

So happy for you!! Such a good feeling.

Nomemade said...

I like this post. A little too mushy for me to post something like that, but I like it.