Friday, March 20, 2009

Twilight Midnight DVD Release

Go ahead. I know what you're thinking. "Really Lynn? Another post about Twilight?" Before I went to tonight's DVD release of Twilight at Walmart Bret teased me saying that it was just going to be me and one other girl and I'd feel pretty foolish. This was not the case my friends, and I have the pictures to prove it. Yes, PROOF that I am not the only Twihard in Cedar City, UT.

It's hard to see but the parking lot was FULL when I got there at 11:45pm.
Here is a diagram of Walmart and the line:

When I got in line I was right next to the kids clothes.

The Line in Front of Me.
The Line Behind Me.
Finally making a turn in the line.
The crowd behind me.
The Last Stretch.
I can almost taste Edward.
The Happy Walmart Employees. I know, rare right? What they have in front of them are the last of the 2-Disc special edition DVD's. I'm so glad I got there when I did, 5 minutes later and I would have been out of luck. There is going to be an ANGRY mob behind me pretty soon. I would estimate that there were several hundred people in line for the DVD. Walmart underestimated fan love for Twilight. They are going to miss out on making some serious deniro.
Here it is, my personal copy. Proof because my hand is holding it. Don't worry, I know you're jealous.

The cover sparkles.


kdgrimmer said...

Lynn you are my hero!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm jealous... wish I was there... I think. I'd probably be 5 minutes too late and be one of the screaming angry fans.

loveland9 said...

How in the world did you get your diagram? You are a goof!! I hope you have a ball at your party tonight. Hope Edward is as yummy as you remember.

Melody said...

You are my hero too! I love it!! That is rad that the cover sparkles. I am wondering how you made your diagram too? You make me laugh. Seriously, I love your love for twilight!

Jessica said...

That's awesome Lynn! You make me laugh. :) I thought about going last night, but was way too tired, and I have sick kiddos. So I am about to watch it on PPV, and will buy my copy another day. Take care!

Mary said...

Really Lynn? Another post about Twilight?

Nerd Alert! :)

Lynn said...

The diagram was made via microsoft paint. Pretty simple. I've been using it a lot for answering O.chem questions when I need to draw molecules and such.

Amber said...

I love, "I can almost taste Edward" Haha...